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Why Do I Need To Hire A Certified Arborist?

Embark's Certified Arborists provide expert tree care with industry-leading safety techniques and commitment to customer satisfaction.  In the Houston area, there are hundreds of basic tree workers willing to perform tree services for a quick dollar. However, hiring these amateur and untrained workers can put tree health in serious jeopardy and can even put owners at risk because of their unsafe practices and possible liability issues. What can property owners do if they need tree work performed but want to avoid unsafe amateur tree workers? The answer is simple: hire a Certified Arborist to care for the trees on your residential or commercial property.

The Importance of Hiring Fully Insured and Bonded Contractors: Part Two

Be sure to avoid landscape and tree work contractors that are not bondable, because leaves property owners without a way to be reimbursed for incomplete projects or poor workmanship.The phrase "fully insured and bonded" is used quite often in the landscape and tree care industry, but many homeowners, Homeowner Associations, and commercial property owners are often unaware of what the phrase actually means. It is important for property owners to be educated consumers and learn the importance of this phrase, as well as why they should avoid companies that are not fully insured and bonded.

The Importance of Hiring Fully Insured and Bonded Contractors: Part One

It is important for property owners to avoid landscape and tree care companies that are not fully insured and bonded because of the liability passed along to the owner.  When property owners need the services of landscape or tree care contractors, there is often some research that must be done before utilizing their services. In addition to price, many homeowners might also need to know if a landscaper just handles lawn maintenance, or if they also perform mulching or weed control. A commercial or industrial property owner might inquire about irrigation installation and maintenance, or need seasonal color planting throughout the year.

Is A Contracted Landscaper or Tree Crew Putting Your HOA At Risk?

Homeowners Associations and their residents can be at risk when amateur and unsafe contractors are hired for landscape and tree maintenance.Homeowners Associations are tasked with enforcing neighborhood deed restrictions, protecting property values and maintaining the beauty of the community for residents. In order to help maintain the beauty and health of grass, trees and landscape gardens in community entrances and shared common areas, HOAs hire tree and landscape maintenance crews on a contract basis for their services. Unfortunately, many of the tree and landscape crews hired to maintain Houston area communities actually put HOA groups at risk because of their substandard work, unsafe practices, and lack of proper liability and insurance coverage.

Don’t Get Scammed By Amateur Tree Crews!

Don't be scammed by amateur and unprofessional tree workers that take your money without doing the work.  Each year in Houston there are always several weather conditions that can leave area trees damaged and in need of repairs. For example, this winter Houston experienced two waves of icy winter weather, leaving heavy condensation on tree branches that led to breaks and fallen limbs. Heavy rains, lightning or strong winds can negatively impact area trees to such an extent that tree owners need tree care services to help with tree trimming and debris removal.

Why Is My Irrigation System Not Working?

If youre irrigation system isn't working properly, let Emabrk diagnose and repair the problem before the summer heat arrives.When spring arrives in Houston, many homeowners and commercial property managers resume regular lawn and landscape maintenance. This will often include restarting irrigation systems that were turned off during the colder winter months. However, some property owners discover that their irrigation system or sprinkler heads no longer functioning properly, so prompt maintenance and repair is critical to ensure lawns get the water they need in the spring growing season.

What To Do About Surface Tree Roots

When surface roots begin to appear in your lawn, Embark can help protect the roots and your landscape to prevent tree damage.As trees grow and mature, their delicate root system will expand outward from the tree, just like the limbs and branches. Although tree roots typically expand underground, they are not buried far below ground but instead stay much closer to the surface of the soil. Unfortunately for tree owners, some tree roots begin to appear above the soil surface, making the enjoyment and maintenance of a landscape much more difficult. Tree owners facing this situation need to take immediate action to ensure the health, longevity and stability of their valuable trees for years to come.

Don’t Let Construction Projects Damage Your Healthy Trees

Embark can protect trees and landscapes from damage during construction projects, pool installations or other development.  Houston is currently enjoying a robust and vibrant economy, with new developments and construction projects starting each week. As a result, many residential and commercial properties are under construction, often with healthy and mature shade trees nearby. Although many property owners now prefer to keep established trees on the property whenever possible, the sad truth is that construction projects can often lead to tree damage or tree death because of inadequate tree protection.

What’s Wrong With My Yard?

Embark's Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals can diagnose problems with your trees, gardens and lawn to restore your property to full health.As Houstonians begin to enjoy the warmer spring weather, many homeowners are getting the opportunity to examine the health and condition of their lawns, landscape gardens and trees up close. Property owners are discovering problems such as invasive weeds throughout their lawn and garden, patches of dead grass, broken tree limbs, or even insects or strange discolorations on their tree leaves. As a result, many area homeowners are asking themselves, "What's wrong with my yard?"

How Power Lines Impact Tree Owners

Embark's team of Certified Arborists are specially trained for utiliity line clearance work to prevent trees from impacting power lines.Starting at a very young age, people are always warned to stay away from power lines because of the dangers of electrocution, which can cause serious injury or even death. However, trees and plants will simply grow wherever they're planted, so it's up to property owners to make sure their growing trees do not interfere with power lines or utility poles. Power lines can impact tree owners in several significant ways.

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