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Apartment Complexes Benefit From Healthy Trees and Landscapes

Apartment complexes gain financial, aesthetic and security value through the addition of beautiful shade trees and landscapes by Embark Services.In Houston's growing economy, businesses are always looking for innovative new ways to attract and retain customers or tenants. Over the last decade, Houston has seen extensive development both in residential communities as well as apartment construction. As a result, existing apartment complexes have been hit with a large influx of competition, meaning they have to strive even harder to attract new renters and retain current tenants. Apartment complexes can stand far above their competition by offering stunning outdoor spaces for their tenants to enjoy throughout the year.

How Does Icy Weather Impact Trees, Lawns and Gardens?

Icy weather can negatively impact trees, landscape gardens and lawns.  The Houston area has been experiencing Arctic blasts that bring the region below-freezing temperatures, high winds and icy weather. Although the ice accumulations are not heavy and the cold weather does not stay long, their impact on our local trees, gardens and plants can be significant.

Help! My Tree Just Fell Over!

If a tree falls on your residential or commercial property during the icy weather, Embark's Emergency Storm Response team offers prompt, safe and reliable tree removal services 24/7.  For a residential or commercial property owner, this is a phrase they hope to never have to say. Unfortunately, trees can topple over and fall onto surrounding structures, property, or even people at any time, so there is always a possibility of this disaster occurring on any kind of property.

Quality Service That Leads To Personal Recommendations

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Living in a society that is globally connected through technology, it's easier than ever to get information about anything, whether it's a map to the nearest post office, the store hours for the local pharmacy, ingredients for a new recipe, or instructions for building a birdhouse. People also utilize the power of the Internet to share their opinions or experiences as consumers, reviewing restaurants, retail shops, car dealerships, airlines, and even landscape and tree services. Businesses that provide exceptional service at a high quality level stand out online because they have gone above and beyond the expectations of the consumer. It is important that consumers seek out and support companies with positive reviews and feedback from satisfied customers because they have demonstrated their commitment to excellence as well as pursuing high customer satisfaction.

Is Your Landscape In Need Of A Makeover?

A landscape makeover from Embark can transform your property.Have you ever watched a makeover segment on a talk show or morning program? Many of the people selected to get a makeover have had the same clothing or hairstyle for years or even decades, and are in dire need of a makeover. Some have a frumpy or outdated look, while others are in a different stage in their life and need more functional and versatile look that will also be stylish and easy to maintain. The recipients of the makeover are not always thrilled about the process, but the end result is always exciting, dramatic and a vast improvement on their overall look and self esteem.

Get Rid of The Mulch Volcano Around Your Tree!

Large mulch piles around trees are not only unattractive, but they can cause wide-spread and long-lasting damage to tree health.  Embark Services can help remove these volcano mulch piles and keep your trees in healthy shape.While most tree owners realize the many benefits of applying mulch to trees throughout the year, many make the mistake of applying too much mulch to their trees, creating a volcano-like pile of mulch. These large piles of mulch can actually cause significant harm to trees, nearby landscape gardens and turf, so it is vital to have professionals remove the old mulch and correctly apply fresh, organic mulch that will actually benefit the health and beauty of your trees.

Mistletoe: Not Just Holiday Tradition, But Also A Threat To Trees

Mistletoe is not just a holiday tradition; it's also an invasive and damaging parasitic plant that can harm healthy shade trees.When people think of mistletoe, they are likely reminded of the holiday tradition where two people standing under a sprig of mistletoe share a kiss. Although it's normal to see mistletoe used as a holiday decoration or hung on a doorframe, one place where it's never good to see mistletoe is up in trees growing on commercial or residential properties.

The Top Five Ways Soil Aeration Can Improve Commercial Properties

Soil aeration offers many benefits to commercial property owners looking to improve property health, beauty and value.Commercial property owners and managers are often searching for ways to make their property more valuable, either by adding landscaping or offering amenities such as beautiful shade trees or tranquil water features.

How To Get More Time With Your Family Or Business

Embark's landscape and tree services help give homeowners and business property owners back valuable time. In the busyness of everyday life, Houstonians often find themselves pulled in multiple directions in a given day, or have several things competing for their time and attention. For many homeowners and business owners, the rampant cycle of demands and priorities can often result in project delays or people being ignored.

Making A New Year’s Resolution To Improve Your Property

This year, make a resolution to improve your property with the help of Embark's Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists.As we begin a New Year, many people begin making their New Year's resolutions, whether it's to start exercising, quit smoking, eat healthier meals, donate more to charity, or spend more time with their family.

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