How Do I Choose The Right Tree For My Property?

Trees add tremendous value, beauty and environmental benefits to residential and commercial properties. For these reasons, many property owners wish to add trees to their property, but this is not a decision to enter into lightly. Choosing the right tree for your property makes all the difference when it comes to future tree health and longevity. Choosing the wrong tree for your property can lead to stunted tree growth, lack of shade, increased tree maintenance, and even tree death.

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The Many Advantages of Drip Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are an important investment for Houston property owners, both residential and commercial. An irrigation system can help property owners keep lawns, plants and trees healthy and hydrated without having to drag around cumbersome garden hoses or small sprinkler heads. This is especially helpful during the brutal Houston summer heat and humidity. A drip irrigation system is a method that drips water slowly and directly to the roots of plants or trees through the use of narrow tubes or pipes.

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Roadside Vegetation Management Provides Significant Financial Savings

Texans have long been concerned with keeping Texas roadways clear and safe for drivers. Nearly 30 years ago, the Texas Department of Transportation began a statewide campaign with the slogan, "Don't Mess with Texas" to reduce roadside littering. Although littering can be dangerous to drivers and harmful to our environment, there are also other threats to Houston drivers and roadways, such as overgrown roadside vegetation.

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Commercial Landscaping Services Are A Smart Investment

Owning commercial property comes with a variety of risks and rewards. As a result, commercial property owners are often looking for ways to protect their investment and ensure that their commercial property stays beautiful and valuable to minimize risk. Commercial Landscaping Management through Embark Services is a smart investment in the immediate and long-term future for commercial property owners.

Reduce Costs With Multi-Year Budgets

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Right of Way Clearance Results In Safer Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners take great precautions to ensure the safety of their company assets, their employees, and their buildings. One way commercial property owners can increase property safety is through Right of Way Clearance Services. Right of Way Clearance is the removal of brush, overgrown grass and invasive weeds from common areas such as driveways, property perimeters, railway access points, and utility areas.

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Professional Landscaping and Tree Care Makes Properties Safer

Property owners take many precautions to keep their homes and businesses safe, such as installing alarm systems, purchasing fire extinguishers, and developing safety strategies in case of emergencies. However, property owners can increase the security of themselves and their property by having professional landscaping and tree care maintenance on a regular basis. A professional tree and landscape service company will ensure that your lawn, trees and garden remain beautiful and in optimal health.

Trees Grow The Right Way

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Protect Your Health By Having Embark Manage Landscape and Tree Care

Even just a short period of time spent in Houston's heat and humidity can be uncomfortable and exhausting for individuals. However, the impact of Houston's brutal summer weather can be devastating when attempting to perform landscape or tree care in these conditions. Unfortunately, many Houstonians fail to properly protect themselves during summer tree and landscape maintenance, and they put their health in serious danger.

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Why You Should Always Have Tree Stumps Removed From Your Property

Trees are beautiful and important property assets, but unfortunately they can succumb to various ailments, such as disease, drought, wind damage or lightning strikes. When trees become severely damaged or die, prompt tree removal is needed. Too often, property owners just have the main part of the tree removed, leaving behind the tree stump. In today's blog post, we're going to discuss why property owners should always have tree stumps removed from a residential or commercial property.

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Why Should I Add Flowers and Plants To My Property?

When people think of property improvements, they might consider planting trees, adding ornamental stonework or having an irrigation system installed. Another improvement residential and commercial property owners can make is the addition of seasonal plants and flowers to their landscape. Property owners might wonder why they should add flowers and plants to their property. There are several key benefits:

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Understanding the Dangers of Tree Trimming

One of the best decisions a property owner can make is to plant trees on a residential or commercial property. Healthy trees add tremendous beauty, shade and value to homes, neighborhoods, office parks, apartment complexes and retail spaces. However, one of the worst decisions a property owner can make is to try performing tree trimming and tree removal on their own.

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