There are many arduous tasks involved in regular property maintenance, from lawn maintenance to landscape garden upkeep to mulching. However, none of these property maintenance tasks are as difficult and dangerous as tree trimming. As part of property ownership and maintenance, regular tree trimming is important in protecting property values and promoting overall tree health. Residential property owners will often attempt tree trimming on their own, while other residential property owners hire basic tree care companies to handle tree trimming and tree removal.

When discussing tree trimming, it is vital to understand the very real dangers associated with this common property maintenance service. The U.S. Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries lists tree trimming as one of the most dangerous professions in the U.S., and a 2009 study conducted by their agency confirmed a total of 1,285 deaths from 1992 – 2007 among tree care and tree maintenance workers. In addition, the Tree Care Industry Association reported a total of 47 tree care accidents in 2012 alone involving Do-It-Yourself civilian property owners, and 25 of those accidents were fatal.

For both the tree care workers and the civilian DIY tree trimmers, the main source of injury and death was when trees or major tree branches fell in unexpected directions. In addition, others were killed due to falls from high tree branches or ladders, while others were electrocuted due to tree trimming performed near utility lines. In nearly all the cases, the victims utilized little or no safety precautions and used chainsaws while perched precariously on a ladder, or did not wear safety harnesses, helmets or goggles. Of the tree care workers killed, 75% of the victims worked for tree care companies that did not have written safety procedures and policies in place.

Because tree trimming is one of the most dangerous tasks that can be performed on your property, it is critical to hire a professional tree care company utilizing Certified Arborists such as the tree experts of Embark Services, rather than risk tree trimming on your own or choosing a less than qualified tree trimmer. Embark Services is pleased to be the premier tree maintenance service company in the Greater Houston area, performing tree trimming, tree removal and tree fertilization utilizing industry-leading safety techniques. In addition, their skilled Certified Arborists provide comprehensive tree care maintenance from the crown to root system to ensure decades of tree vitality and health. Embark Services offers additional tree care services such as tree diagnostics, tree insect and disease management, tree installation and tree lightning protection.

For more information on how Embark Services can safely and skillfully maintain and protect your trees, contact their Certified Arborists today for a free consultation. In addition, you can contact Embark Services directly for more information about their tree care and landscaping services.